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Brick + Mortar Realty: An Idea, Defined

Picture this: two real estate giants sit down with you in a meeting and announce: “We’re starting our own brokerage firm and we want you to get us to the finish line. What do we do?”

That was the question iD Integrated faced when real estate icons Alex Bruni and Kent Wengler partnered together with ambitions to launch a fresh new Toronto-based brokerage and consulting firm. Having seen first-hand what iD Integrated had done for one of their clients, they naturally turned to us to be the marketing arm of their exciting new—no, nebulous—venture.

No office. No brand. No name, even. It was the kind of project that makes most marketers hold their head while under their breath they answer, “Darn right: what DO we do!?”

Starting with a completely fresh canvas happens to be where iD Integrated likes to work its magic. We welcome if not prefer to start with the foundations of an idea, vision, or venture in need of inspiring expression of the true essence of what it represents, and its founders embody.

Make no mistake: when it comes to creating a true masterpiece, the last thing you want is a Jackson Pollack-style approach to your blank canvas. That is why iD Integrated has a systematic, thorough, and proven process for transforming “we’re starting a brokerage” into something as brilliant as Brick + Mortar.

Step one in our process is in-depth research. For Brick + Mortar we turned to some of the hottest and most revered new home development markets on the planet. From Chicago to Dubai, iD Integrated dug deep to unearth some of the most refreshing, memorable, and exciting new approaches to what is, by any account a very stayed and decidedly monotonous industry.

“Whatever we do, we want this to be something different” said Bruni, Principal and Executive Vice President of Brick + Mortar Realty.

With over 40 years of combined partner experience in the new home and condo sales category under their belt, Alex and Kent were long overdue for a professional and vocational shake-up. They had experienced enough of your typical new real estate development brokerage—especially in the GTA and Golden Horseshoe—and were primed to build something “new, different, better” on the cornerstones of B+M…

Industry-leading innovation in real estate development research, consulting, and sales. Segment-busting technology. Rock-solid core values: honesty, integrity, and reliability. Personalized boutique experience with big brokerage results.

Step two in our process is in-depth analysis. Brick + Mortar was born from Alex and Kent themselves: the substance and the glue which together would build something truly great and without limits, in the only way great empires can be built…

“Brick by brick, my citizens. Brick by brick.” – Emperor Hadrian.

After more than a year out of the gate and surviving the challenges of a global pandemic, Brick + Mortar has been successfully serving clients eager for a fresh and unique approach. No matter what stage their new home or condo development is in, from pre-planning to grand opening, they’re discovering the strength and flexibility which comes with B+M’s knowledge and experience to bring fresh perspectives and valuable approaches to their project. To any project, really.

B+M is now accepting new clients. Visit to learn more.