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Fusioncorp Builds A New Brand

As the Toronto and Golden Horseshoe construction industry continue to grow, so does one of iD’s clients—Fusioncorp. With a fresh new office on Avenue Road staffed by a newly added team of construction professionals, Fusioncorp Developments is taking their brand to the next level.

“It’s not that I didn’t like or grew tired of our previous logo, website and stationary materials” says Nick Ainis, President and CEO of Fusioncorp “but I wanted something that better represented who we are, what we do and how we do it!”

Fast forward to nearly one year later, post an extensive corporate revamp by the iD Integrated team. Fusioncorp now has a decidedly new image that showcases all the elements that make the company an industry leader in construction and development.

After an in-depth logo study, based on the fundamentals defining Fusioncorp as a company—leadership, innovation, integrity—the new Fusioncorp logo now incorporates a bold three-dimensional icon signifying architecture, construction and design while preserving the beloved company colours.

Development of the new Fusioncorp website was no easy task. Originally conceived through the design of a stunning new corporate information brochure, the website evolved into an easy-to-navigate, incredibly visual, and informative digital platform. “Just because Fusioncorp is a construction company, doesn’t mean they can’t have a smart and sexy brand” says Ryan Gale, creative and strategic point-guard on the project. “These guys do great work. And despite what some may think about the whole ‘demo and build’ approach, construction companies bring an enormous amount of creativity to bear on delivering beautiful end-products,” says Gale. “As far as the company’s brand is concerned, Fusioncorp has an incredible eye for design and attention to detail, with an intense pride of workmanship. Nick’s ability to think outside the box and share his future vision truly made this rebranding exercise special for us.”

The company is growing so fast now, that they may soon outgrow the new offices they recently moved into. With massive projects like Harbour Club in Port Dalhousie, the completion of Marquette Condos in North York, and King George School Lofts and Town Homes in Newmarket, it’s no wonder why Fusioncorp continues to thrive. Perhaps their next project should be building themselves a massive new corporate head office which they can continue to expand into.