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iD Integrated Marketing has developed its own unique methodology which provides a strategic framework for managing and continuously improving your brand’s impact on the market. Explore our Interactive Dynamic Process.


iD Integrated Marketing is all about ideas—yours and ours. Our dynamic business psychoanalysis process unearths opportunities where before only the sound of crickets was heard. We start by sitting down with you and really listening. Our team has the instincts to know a brilliant idea when we hear one and how best to run with it. We also know how to extract those hidden gems which may be eluding you. We then expand on and compose your ideas into a workable form…Ideas Defined.


iD Integrated conducts in-depth research to uncover the foundations of your brand; the heart and soul of your company; your passions and aspirations. We identify what insights, instincts, and unique value-adds set you apart within your industry. A clearly defined ideology goes a long way toward winning over the hearts and minds of customers concerned with values as well as value. iD integrated Marketing connects you with growing numbers of clients seeking a deeper affinity from the brands and companies they do business with.


With your defining ideology and key ideas in hand, we craft and communicate an expression of your brand which captures the heart and soul of your business and captivates the hearts and minds of your audience. iD Integrated Marketing takes your identity very seriously. That said, we encourage bold creativity and the exuberance of going to market with a freshly minted brand, website, social media campaign, etc. The minute you see your new identity in its final form, you will feel the anticipation of just how far it will take you. It’s then you will truly appreciate the time and care we put into its development.


Once ingenuity and unabashed enthusiasm have played their part in forming your brand’s strategy, iD then formulates winning tactics presented in an integrated marketing and management plan. Here we apply your promising new identity crafted from real ideological substance to every facet of your company’s marketing. From website to collateral material to social media, iD makes sure your marketing communications are fully integrated and unified. No wildcards; nothing off in left field; everything synchronized under one uniform banner immediately identifiable by your target customers.


iD’s team is dedicated to implementing your integrated marketing campaign across platforms in a responsible, timely, and conscientious manner. Budgets matter. Timelines and deadlines matter. Customers’ preferences, browsing, reading, viewing, and interactive habits matter. We take all this and more into account so you don’t have to. This is how the implementation stage makes a tangible impact on your customers and your bottom-line.


Wowing your customers and shareholders is a priority for iD Integrated Marketing. Motivating your customers to interact, trust, and transact is how we approach growing your revenues. You expect an awesome looking logo, brochure, website, and commercial that gives you goosebumps. Balancing what looks good with what actually works is the key to an impactful and successful campaign. iD works hard to ensure impressions, conversions, and social media activities actually impact your bottom-line. It’s also how we measure the effectiveness of your campaign.


This all-important step is often overlooked by many agencies. They see campaigns as separate “jobs” with “end results” which amount to creative deliverables and a paid invoice rather than integrated marketing strategies requiring ongoing analysis. iD Integrated knows measuring the impact of a campaign is pointless unless it generates actionable intelligence which produces higher quality outcomes in the future. Markets aren’t stagnant; iD makes sure that your marketing strategy doesn’t stagnate either.