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ID and Rose Bring Back a Newmarket Icon

Just over two years ago, The Rose Corporation entrusted ID Integrated Marketing to overhaul their entire corporate rebranding and company website. As with all its projects, ID took great care identifying and extracting the essence of who Rose are and what they’re all about, and then translating that into an iconic new brand, an informative and dynamic new website, and a managed multimedia and online marketing strategy inline with The Rose Corporations vision and objectives.

Fast forward to 2017 and The Rose Corporation turns to ID once again, this time to represent the hottest new development in the town of Newmarket—the King George School Lofts & Town Homes.

For over a century, the King George School building on 400 Park Avenue has given a great deal to the community of Newmarket—as an educational centre, cultural hub and historic landmark. Designed by O. E. Trench and built by local contractor McIntosh, the structure is a well-preserved example of early 20th century architecture, and one of Downtown Newmarket’s historically significant buildings.

The Rose Corporation is committed to giving back to the King George School building with a long-deserved restoration. More than just preserving a building, the King George School Lofts & Town Homes will revitalize a legacy of community-giving: now with lofts instead of classrooms and residences instead of playgrounds. A renewed heritage for a new generation of Newmarket residents.

ID Integrated Marketing was the perfect choice to tell the King George Lofts & Town Homes story. As King George alumni, neighbourhood residents, and the whole community witness the rebirth of this Downtown Newmarket icon, it’s up to ID to capture the essence of Newmarket’s rich history and show that hallowed legacy being carried forward via the King George restoration. It’s what ID did the for Dunpar’s Heritage Gate development in historic Streetsville, which proved to be a resounding success.

There was a time when integrity simply meant “no compromise.” This principle is at the heart of the King George School Lofts & Town Homes. Meticulously designed by renowned Yorkville architectural firm Audax, the design is a hybrid of Victorian, Edwardian and Contemporary in honour of the school and the surrounding neighbourhood.

What makes King George such an exciting project for ID is the fusion of old and new, rich heritage with the cultural and economic renaissance taking place in downtown Newmarket. ID’s thematic approach to telling this dynamic story of “old school meets new school in Downtown Newmarket” is opening doors to business owners, historians and movers and shakers in the community who are literally making that fusion of two worlds happen.

The Rose Corporation’s commitment to preservation and respect for heritage is one of the company’s guiding principles. More than just preserving a building, the transformation of the King George School Lofts & Town Homes will revitalize a beloved historical property and infuse it with new life and purpose.

ID Integrated Marketing is honoured to have been given the responsibility to tell the storied history and exciting future of the King George Lofts & Town Homes, and in our own unique way, make a small contribution to the social, cultural, and economic renaissance taking place in Downtown Newmarket.