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When it’s time to Grow, start Digging into the Dirt

After a long winter, Spring is finally here and with it arrives ID Integrated Marketing’s new website which is now in full bloom.

The new ID Integrated Marketing website highlights what’s possible when a company takes the time to do some serious soul-searching. Just who are we, really? What gets us out of bed in the morning? What is it we want people to think of when they think about our brand? How do we capture in words and images that which can be so challenging to pin down? And how do we package it all in an online format that’s fresh, dynamic, approachable and effective?

“It’s an exercise which was as much for our benefit as it was for our current and prospective clients,” Attila Lendvai, Communications Director for ID Integrated Marketing, said. “Better communicating the essence of what makes us who we are is as much for us—the ID Team—as it is for outsiders. Having a website that we’re proud of is paramount so we can step out onto the field, point to it and say yes, this is who we are; this is what we stand for; and this is what you can expect from us.”

To Inspire to New Heights, Your Marketing Should Dig Even Deeper

Too many agencies are dumbing down websites—they would call it ‘streamlining user experience’—to the extent that visitors leave feeling a complete lack of depth, or more confused than before they arrived.

“There are plenty of digital gimmicks but where’s the substance?” Ryan Gale, President of ID Integrated Marketing asks. “Rather than merely showcase projects and the work we’ve done for others, we wanted to tell a story: showcase the way we communicate our clients’ innermost notions and passions, and inspire potential clients and the ID Team to achieve greater heights of success by digging deeper into themselves. And we made sure our website did so for one simple reason: we’re passionate about helping create branding and marketing which inspires as well as informs. We believe in SUBSTANCE: in showing not just telling,” Ryan emphasized.

From website to ad campaign to invoice and follow-up, your business is ongoing, evolving and growing…but the Essence of who you are, your values and passions, the integrity of your brand and company endure as the foundation and inspiration of all you do. Shouldn’t your marketing reflect that?

Return regularly to ID Integrated Marketing’s blog for news and highlights on past, current and future projects, insights from ID management into best practices in marketing, and other topics which are interesting to us and hopefully inspiring for you.